Today we learn how to increase weight, how to increase weight fast at home, how to increase weight ayurveda, weight gain diet plan, how to gain weight
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Hello Dear friends, Today we are going to talk about a problem that has upset a lot of people today, we will talk about How To Increase Weight, without any side effects.

If our weight is much lower than our age, we feel thin and very weak, so that our personality does not look good and our immunity system is also weakened due to low weight.

Table Of Content.

- How To Increase Weight for Men & Women
- Why Some People Don't Gain Weight
- How To Increase Weight Naturally
- More Tips Which Helps To Increase Weight
- Conclusion

How To Increase Weight for Men & Women!

How To Increase Weight - Every human being wants him to be fit and fine. But we have to work hard to get what we want. Some people are overweight, who shed sweat in the gym for hours to lose weight and also do the dieting. 

While some people are underweight, they only think about how their food is, which increases their weight. You know weight gain does not mean that you eat every moment. In fact, you eat things that make your health.
Today we learn how to increase weight, how to increase weight fast at home, how to increase weight ayurveda, weight gain diet plan, how to gain weight
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How To Gain Weight In A Week - Having low weight is also injurious to health. People who have very little weight also have an adverse effect on their immune system. Such under-weight people are more prone to fracture, infection, or diseases. 

However, research has seen that men die early than women due to underweight. If you are too upset about your weight, first improve your diet pattern.

Why Some People Don't Gain Weight?

Today we learn how to increase weight, how to increase weight fast at home, how to increase weight ayurveda, weight gain diet plan, how to gain weight
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The cause of being Thinner than the need is sometimes some kind of disease. Eating less can also be a disease like Hypothyroid or Diabetes. However, many people are thin because of the wrong food.

How To Increase Weight Naturally?

If you are thin and want to increase weight, you can do so by following the right diet. You just have to eat, eat at the right time and remove the irregularities in food due to a hectic lifestyle.

In fact, weight gain is not a difficult task. However, it is dangerous to resort to junk food. This may worsen your nature. People must try these following measures to increase their weight.

Today we learn how to increase weight, how to increase weight fast at home, how to increase weight ayurveda, weight gain diet plan, how to gain weight
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Eat Healthy Food.

However, weight gain does not mean that you eat the wrong and unhealthy food. Due to which there may be a risk of other diseases. Which ranges from heart diseases to type two diabetes. Eating properly is also necessary to gain weight.

Right Calories help to Increase Weight.

To gain weight the right way, you need to consume the right amount of calories. The amount of calories the body needs helps in increasing the weight of calories taken in excess.

Must Include Protein in food.

Must include protein in food. Eat eggs, fish, milk, and things made of it for protein. Take your miles three times a day. Also, things should be full of energy. Include almonds, walnuts, and dry fruits.

Do Proper Workouts.

If you want to increase your weight, then exercise daily will strengthen your muscles. Include plenty of dry fruits, peanuts, butter, and ghee in your diet. They are rich in fat. Eat more vegetables and salads.

Eat at least Three Bananas Daily.

Banana can be very helpful in increasing weight. Eat at least three bananas daily. If you eat bananas with milk and curd, it will benefit more. You can also make a banana shake.

Drink Honey With Hot Milk.

Drinking honey in hot milk at breakfast or before bed will increase weight rapidly.

Use Nuts To Consume Milk.

Bodybuilders and wrestlers use nuts milk to gain weight. In nuts, you can have hot milk with almonds, dates, and figs.

Take More Carbohydrates.

To gain weight, you need to keep in mind that your body gets a lot of carbohydrates. In fact, our body requires carbohydrates and is an important macro-nutrition.

You can increase the number of carbohydrates by increasing brown rice, oats, and chapattis in your diet. In addition, second macro-nutritional fat plays an important role in increasing your weight.

Saturated Fat also helps to Increase Weight.

Saturated fat is also very essential for the body. It is found in fried snacks, cookies, etc. Including olive oil in food is also very beneficial. Fat (fat) gives 20 percent calories to our body. The third important macro-nutrition is protein.

It plays an important role in increasing and maintaining body weight. Protein provides more than 40 percent calories to our body. Milk, soy, buttermilk, beans, meat, fish, and eggs are the best sources of protein. 

You can increase your weight by including these things in your diet. but don't eat too much it can be unhealthy for your body.

More Tips Which Helps To Increase Weight.

  • Apply peanut butter on bread in breakfast, take fruits or vegetables with it.
  • Drinking milk with a banana at breakfast every morning increases the weight rapidly. Like bananas, mango also increases weight, it increases weight quickly when taken with milk.
  • The most essential nutrient for weight gain is protein. You include high protein food in your diet. You can eat meats, fish, eggs, and dairy products such as legumes, nuts, and other things in protein food.
  • Eat food at least 3 times a day. Take more and more carbohydrates and fat-rich food in food.
  • Include things like cheese, cheese, potato, rice, soybean, milk, yogurt in food, the weight increases quickly.
  • Take 7-energy-rich food, such as almonds, walnuts, nuts, etc. Things like dry fruits, high-fat dairy, grain, potatoes, dark chocolate, avocado, peanut butter, cocoa milk are also helpful in increasing weight.
  • By mixing more spices, sauces, etc., you will eat more food, if there is no sugar problem, you can also include sweet in your food. Sweet is helpful in weight gain.
  • Stop drinking water a little while before eating, because drinking water before eating makes the stomach feel full, which does not take enough food, and that is why there is also a problem in taking the necessary calories.
  • Live a stress-free life, taking stress also reduces weight, which also reduces anti-oxidant in the body. Therefore, Weight can be controlled by taking yoga, exercise, and a nutritious diet. 


Research has revealed that if a Person takes 500 Calories in his Diet every day, his Weight can Increase by half a kilo in a week. 

This way can Increase the Weight by 2 kg in a month. It is important that you eat only and only high Calories items in your diet.

How to Gain Weight Fast? 7 Tips for Assured Results- Fit Tuber

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